Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges that you Should Consider Joining

Cryptocurrency exchanges are websites that offer a platform to buy, sell or exchange your Cryptocurrency with other types of the same. There are several aspects of exchanges that you should scrutinize while searching for the ideal one to work with. Based on factors such as reputation and user friendliness, the following is a compilation of the best exchanges that you should consider trading on.



Based in las Vegas, it has truly stood the test of time and quality, serving millions of users over the years. It handles a huge amount of deals on a daily basis. Its major selling point is that it supports over 190 types of Cryptocurrency. It is also user-friendly and easy to navigate around. Another major selling point is that it offers free withdrawal services. You only have to mind the transaction charges that depend on the type of currency you are trading.



This exchange deals with only Etherum, Litecoin and the famous Bitcoin. They enjoy more than 8 million customers spread over 32 countries. They have circulated over $6 billion since the onset of operations. Having been featured in major read sensations such as TIME magazine and the Wall Street Journal, it should be among your top considerations. Customers residing in U.S.A, Canada, U.K, Singapore, Europe and Austalia can buy coins with credit cards or bank accounts.



CEX.IO is best known for its competitive commissions and good complements. Privileges that you enjoy upon joining them include:

  • High liquidity
  • Legal compliance
  • Satisfactory security
  • Cross-platform and margin trading



Coinmama deals with BTC, EUR, and USD. It is a great platform for starters as it offers step by step guidance on how to buy your first coin and trade around. It also has a simple website that is easy to use. Also, here you can buy with cash or credit card.



With this exchange, you do not have to deposit coins. You simply tell them what fraction of a coin you wish to buy and they advise accordingly on how to kick-start your journey with them. It is one of the fastest exchange sites, hence a favorite to use if the coin market is moving fast.


With Cryptocurrency and Exchanges revolutionizing the world, it should be in your best interest to join in the trade. With proper know-how, you will never go wrong with Cryptocurrency. Different exchanges serve the different needs of diverse traders. You should weigh them, decide on the one that appeals most to you, confirm their authenticity and trade your way to greatness.


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